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Ɗare to ask.
ℛoll the dice

                                 it will steal your heart tonight

                                 you can’t fight the moonlight

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Title: Are You Coming Home, Love MOM
Artist: Kyle Gabler
Played: 123 times

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Wear your tragedies as armor, not shackles.
—Anonymous (via unreasonablyme)
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“If I had a  for every time
I thought of you…
I could walk through
my garden forever.” 
Alfred Tennyson

「✿」—-;; Hello there all you amazing people~!!! When I first made Anna’s blog my main goal was to show everyone she wasn’t just some dead girl, but a special and amazing women who earned the love of Kratos Aurion. I believe with all 300 of you guys I’ve done just that and then some! I’ve met some amazing people on tumblr during these past 9 months (almost 4 on this blog) People who’ve earned a special place in both my heart & Anna’s~
✿--;;  Special Blossoms;;

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✿--;;  Flowers I'm Watering;;

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Wow okay. I meant to do one a long time ago but decided to wait until I hit my next goal but it kept teetering and wasn’t quite there so I’m just going to do it now. I have met some PRETTY amazing people on this blog and I just love everyone to death. I couldn’t have asked for different friends. I consider you all family. Even if we’ve never really talked much you guys are still amazing and I can’t even fully describe how happy you all make me. If you’re not on here, that doesn’t mean I love you any less. A majority of these people are ones I mainly interact with just about all the time.

Bold - My babies who have surprisingly not gotten tired of me. I continuously pester them and talk to them OOC almost everyday or we’re just on super good terms. I’m pretty sure I annoy the hell out of them but they don’t say anything.

Italic - People I admire regardless on if I’ve never interacted with them in anyway or even if they don’t follow me back. They’re still amazing. These may even include my babies who are just amazing in general and I still admire.


arendelleslostqueen | aviscaptum | banishedking | boywhowontgrowup | cageddarling | carminelocks | chariotsandpoetry | cuckoox | decanuslocusta | devlinunderworldwarrior | dragoninapurpledress


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I apologize if I’m missing anyone, truly. Just remember that I love all of you and couldn’t have asked for anything more. <3

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RPers: Reblog if you are 18 or older

This means you are legal in the US and won’t have anyone else arrested for smutting with you if that is so.

So, just please reblog if you are.


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